Thanksgiving Decor Tips

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There's still a week left...write supplies you need on your shopping list so you can put these Jordi & CO tips into place for the big day!
Sweat the Logistics:

If you're having Thanksgiving at your home, you'll likely be entertaining more people than usual. Ensure everyone can comfortably sit among one another in the living spaces of your home. Don't make guests move chairs from the dinner table! Rent extra's surprisingly inexpensive and can match your décor! Likewise with china, special occasion linens and props. Call or email me for assistance or sources.

Flowers for the Table:

Seasonal choices include Sunflowers, yellow and orange Roses, and plenty of greens. A hollowed out pumpkin makes a lovely vase...simply line it with plastic wrap, place a square of floral foam inside and arrange until your heart's content. It's ok to tease a little Christmas, too. After all, you'll probably be decorating for Xmas the very next day!

Turkey-shaped Goodie Bags:

Kids love these! Get a box of plastic food handler's gloves. Fill the fingers with colored goldfish crackers or candy corn. Fill the thumb and the rest of the glove with popcorn. Tie it shut with a colorful ribbon. Glue a googly eye and small orange triangle of felt on the thumb and be ready for a case of the giggles when you hand them out!

Easy Snacking:

Surround your floral arrangements, candles and tablescapes with fancy nuts in their shells (think walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds and hazelnuts). Place a few nutcrackers nearby for instant and easy snacks. Set a few empty (but pretty) bowls adjacent for disposal of the shells.

Add Color and Mood:

Pillar candles do wonders for any table. Choose the appropriate sizes for the space and choose autumn hues and varying heights. Unscented candles are best for Turkey Day so that the scents don't compete with your cooking aromas. Fill glass hurricanes 1/3 full with small non-flammable, colorful fillers such as rice, coffee beans, split peas and lentils. Nestle the pillars inside the hurricanes. Light them 15 minutes before expecting guests and enjoy the colorful glow.

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