"For twenty years, Jordi Stringfellow has been a great resource and an inspiration. One very special party Jordi planned for me was a wedding shower I gave for a most renowned photographer. What a daunting task—planning an event for someone with exquisite taste of their own. Jordi made the wedding shower intimate and perfect, just as the guest of honor would have done for herself.

Jordi is also known in Pasadena for creating the “best” birthday parties for kids. A special one that comes to mind was for our own boys— a Star Wars-themed pool party. Jordi built a bridge across a pool where Darth Vader and the birthday boy had light saber battles and could safely fall right into the water. Another...a “Mission Impossible” party, featured a mystery to solve—complete with actors, high tech gadgets, and special effects! Jordi transports children to their dreams, with the ambience and activities. She devises games and décor to work together.

Her own yearly Halloween party is always looked forward to. There is always an enormous “haunted” gingerbread mansion as the centerpiece in the room, life-sized white “meringue bones,” steaming cauldrons of chili with scavenging crows, and spiders in the cobwebs of the buffet as to the "horror."

Jordi Stringfellow has an endless imagination. I know I can count on her for anything at all to do with my entertaining needs."

Elizabeth Brady Woods | Pasadena, CA