"I used Jordi & CO for my son's first birthday in March at a local park. The only thing Jordi couldn't control was the weather - but she even made sure we had contingency plans in place in case it rained. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day where both kids and adults had a wonderful time. Jordi provided creative, fun and cost-effective ways for everyone to enjoy the park - from bubbles, games, to arts & crafts. Every aspect was planned and executed to perfection. While my wife and I chose to get involved, she was great to work with, and at no point did we feel any stress knowing Jordi was in charge. I highly recommend her and plan to use for future events."

Rob Angarita | Pasadena, CA,

"No words can describe how happy I was with the job that Jordi did designing mine and my husband's joint 50th birthday party. Jordi and I talked about what I envisioned; I wanted it to be elegant, like a Hollywood nightclub in 30’s and 40’s. And fun—with costumes. Jordi designed a showstopping invitation, encased in a film canister, that was hand delivered to my guests. We worked together so easily, and it made designing the whole party such a delightful experience. When we met, she brought fabrics, flower containers, and thematic props so that I could envision what my house would look like the night of the party. The final product was AMAZING. The flowers were INSANE— HUGE arrangements of glorious lilies and white roses everywhere. Wonderful silver animal figurines were reminiscent of classic Tiffany design. It really felt like Joan Crawford and Cary Grant were going to walk in any minute. My guests were absolutely blown away. I received compliments all night and for the next couple of weeks, telling me it was the party of the year. I could have never done it without Jordi’s creative and beautiful ideas. She truly brought my initial concept to life in a way that far exceeded my expectations. I would happily recommend Jordi & CO to others, and I will use her brilliant services again!"

Sarah Young Miller | San Marino, CA

"Jordi handles all my seasonal decor and it is showstopping! My mantles are each unique and impeccably produced to match the decor of the rooms they are in, and my staircase garlands are always beautiful yet never the same from year to year. Jordi also handles all of my gift wrap needs. She executes hostess gifts that has made me the talk of the town…She has even, at my request, commissioned and packaged specialty gourmet foods for me to give as memorable eco-friendly gifts."

Shelly Lowe | Pasadena, CA

"Jordi & CO gives you the most important thing you can ask for: peace of mind.

Because, the invitations are going to be perfect, they’ll make going to your event irresistible. Because the decor will be unbelievable and grand, and absolutely appropriate to whatever is being celebrated. Because the food will be at the level of any high quality restaurant and—again, the innovation will be talked about endlessly.

Jordi & CO is both sizzle and steak, so to speak. Her events are substantive and festive and are created not just for the moment but to forever rest in the memories of the participants. I have personally witnessed Jordi absolutely obsess over parties and dinners—it's really something to behold. As a movie director, I'm be proud and lucky to have had her organize my parties."

Rod Lurie | Hollywood, CA