A Celebration for Two Handsome Grooms

A Post-Nuptial Bash

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Caterer: Parties by Panache
Photography by Noelle Williams

The Occasion:

If ever there's reason to celebrate, it's because of a marriage. While the private wedding ceremony for these 2 grooms was taking place in Maui, Jordi & CO was finessing the details for their stylish reception that took place the following week. Close to 250 guests were in attendance at a parents' expansive Spanish hacienda in the San Gabriel Valley. The Venice Beach-meets-industrial chic vibe was apparent with iron, glass and wood elements taking center-stage. Notes of neutral tones, citrus and natural elements were tied into overall décor. Photos of the wedding were framed and incorporated into tablescapes and striking round cocktail tables bordered the pool.

The Bites & Brew

A grand bar and industrial looking light installations of "Bites" and "Brews" signage highlighted the food stations and family's own home-brewed beer. As seasoned entertainers (one mom is a known chef/caterer), the parents knew to provision for every palate. Food was abundant with a casual elegance. There were upscale sliders, a mac 'n cheese bar, grilled Caesar salads, house-made pickles, and in addition to the already well-stocked bar, 2 signature drinks (1 for each groom!). Halfway through the party, savory stations turned sweet, with many delectable treats including highlights of beignets and a shortcake bar with the freshest of fruits.

 The Celebration:

As night began to fall, the mood shifted from that of a casual afternoon to party hearty! Behind the stage, fronted by a spectacular 1980s live band, the grooms' names were alit in same industrial lettered lighting as friends and family danced the night away on the magically transformed tennis court. High polished wooden tables and barstools were strategically placed to allow for a short rest with nibbles not far from an arm's length reach. Twinkling above, carnival lighting provided a "ceiling" to the open space and still left gorgeous night sky views.

A Signature Welcome:

Our gracious clients welcomed ideas for adding special touches that help to "make the party." Decorative elements including crates of fresh fruit, vintage leather books, specialty trays, iron tabletop sculptures, hurricane lamps and our clients' own candelabra collection combined with landscape design elements finished the perfect setting for this joyous occasion.

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