A New Space for Dad

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From Wasted Space to Family Place

So here’s the scenario…you’re hosting a cocktail/dinner party at your home. We have a brief encounter about what kind of theme, food, florals and décor you envision. The day of your party, the Jordi & CO team arrives at your already gorgeous home. In come the florals and props that are just your taste. Tablescapes go up like magic and the complementary hand-selected heirloom pieces and knick-knacks look like they could have come from your own breakfront and curios. The guests arrive, you hear chatter of "oohs" and "aahhs," and the party is a smash!

The next morning, aromas of  flowers and candles are lingering. Then it happens. My crew arrives and we dismantle the tablescapes, taking with us the loaned items from my personal collections. The rentals are returned to their proper homes. But that’s ok…you still have the florals. Two weeks later, the flowers, too have made their exits. Your phone rings, and its me, calling for a wrap-up report and the first thing you say to me is, "why can’t my home ALWAYS look that cozy and perfect.” …And this is how we got to where we are now.

With only 6 weeks until Father’s Day, my client hatched a plan to convert a 225 square-foot space into a study for her husband. The room, just off of their stunning entry, had never been used to its full potential. Together, we repurposed, stored and even discarded most of the room’s contents. With her husband's vow to stay away, we began to excitedly brainstorm ideas that would maintain the home’s architectural integrity. The ultimate goal was to make the newly-designed space look original.

We searched for concepts in catalogs, magazines and online. I drew literal inspiration from the original paneling in the Grand Hall. It was skillfully replicated by our wonderful carpenter/artisan. The electrician installed new wiring for the carefully-positioned (and gorgeous) picture and bookcase light sconces and the room's chandelier-style craftsman fixture was re-styled into a flush ceiling mount design. A powder room off of the study was also refreshed and a former storage closet was converted into a coat closet with ample space to accommodate for a very large party. Paint colors were selected and I was off to source furnishings and personal touches.

Acquiring and sourcing finishing touches are always my favorite part of any type of design endeavor and this was no different. We purposed Restoration Hardware for several key pieces and an antique writing desk was sourced online. I sourced vintage books reminiscent of his hobbies and travels and matched style with objects of his affections, including framed family photos and fine literature. With only 2 days until Father’s Day, pictures were hung and bookcases were filled. The renovation and decorating was complete 2 days early, with exception of the desk chair that will be carefully selected by dad himself.

This gem of a room that was once closed off, is now in daily use. Yes, it was a Father’s Day gift, but it's fair to say this room will bring pleasurable memories for the entire family.

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