Last-Minute “Spooky”

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Last Minute Halloween Decorating Tips

Dimestore spiders, wax candle skulls, some clear glass hurricanes, and good old fashioned candy corn may be all you need to create tablescapes that scream halloween. Try these simple Jordi & CO tricks that treat the Halloween spirit:
Quick and Creepy Tablescapes:

Fill clear glass hurricanes with candy corn and nestle black column, or better yet, "skull" candles inside. Turn the hurricanes upside down on a plate with a skull candle underneath it. Add some dimestore spiders and some candy corn strewn about the rim of the plate. If you have a glass cake dome, you can create the same kind of display with it

The Candles are Bleeding!:

You'll need some red and white tapered candles. Place the white candles in unpolished or old looking candlesticks (ones that have already burned down a bit are excellent for this purpose. They don't have to be the same size!). Light the red candles and drip the red wax down each of the white tapers so they look as if they are "bleeding."

Set a Table for the Ghosts:

Have a table you are not using for dining? Set the table for the ghosts. Gather all the white, silver, black and orange elements you have. Go's Halloween! Make placecards for your favorite horror movie characters and embellish with as many props from around the house as you can.

Evoke Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds":

Easily found in any decorating or discount store, black ravens are (and should be) everywhere! Buy a quantity of them and place them on top of lampshades, drapery panels and over door frames.

Tattered and Torn:

Inexpensive black muslin, torn and shredded haphazardly creates a great instant scary effect. Drape it over chairs, tables, buffets and mirrors. Stack dark covered books, and place a skull candle on top of the stack. Add some "bleeding" candlesticks to the scene. Voila!

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