For (and from) Grandpa, with Love

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Grandpa knows how to spoil his boys!

The Occasion and Inspiration:

Grandpa's little boys were baptized and Grandpa reached a notable birthday, so there were plenty of reasons to celebrate! But what do you get when you cross a grown man's love of wild animals with his adoration of his family—then plan a party for him and 100 guests in his stately and polished Tudor-style home? Well, you get a sophisticated yet whimsical treat for all of your senses. Vintage carousel animals and hot air balloons became the true inspiration for this event. Over-sized, over-stuffed and everywhere, were an abundance of FAO Schwarz stuffed creatures with a bevy of custom hot air balloons soaring overhead. Children and adults couldn't help but smile and laugh as the make-believe forms of these fanciful characters decorated the grounds and home.

Let's Eat!:

Circus and safari is what it was all about! Hot dog carts, fresh popcorn and crisp raspberry lemonade for the kids; and an incredible buffet of every conceivable seasonal delicacy was center-stage for the grown-ups. And let's talk cake...this 3-tiered phenomena inspired by the host's MacKenzie-Childs décor was a feast for both the eyes and the palate. There were also 2 very special "smash-cakes" for the little boys to dig into.

The Extras:

While the sun shone (a bit too brightly), white parasols gleamed and a custom canopy protected the food from the elements. A lush, grassy area was dotted with shaded periwinkle blue tables and decorated with pails of what else...noisemakers! Custom florals by Jordi & CO in deep shades of reds and pinks in vintage-inspired containers blended seamlessly with the home décor. Hot air balloons with animal paw-print ribbons in shades of reds and blues set the stage for live song and dance troupes chosen by Grandpa himself. It all shouted, "Happy Birthday Little Boys!"

Jordi's Own Words:

"This event was meaningful on so many levels. The age span of the guests of honor coupled with the host's heartfelt love of family and friends was reflected in every generous and thoughtful detail. It was an honor for me to have fulfilled my clients' every request."

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